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Working together to improve the quality of life for each Member.

What we do

A Kolping Family is a branch of the Kolping Society of South Africa and

consists of a group of 10 or more Members.



Enable it’s members to be true Christians in the world in their families, in their work and in their interactions with society and the community.


Serve the needs of it’s members and the surrounding communities as a non-political association.


Be true to the spirit of self-reliance. To help people to use their own strengths and find solutions to their situations in life.


To respond to the signs of the times through prayer and action.


To identify a problem or a need in society and to take action to address the problem.


To offer help to the Kolping members, the parishioners and broader community in whichever way they can.


As a volunteer social movement, the Kolping Family offers many opportunities for Members to become involved and at the same time enrich their own skills and experience and improve their lives.





Benefits and Opportunities for MembersHIP

These include:

– To be part of an International Organisation and to be connected and make friends with many different people.

– To be part of activities that are planned in the parish and in the community which you can benefit from, spiritually and materially.

– To participate in events of learning, skills sharing organised by the Kolping Family.

– To know about other opportunities that can improve your life materially and spiritually.

– To be a leader.

Each Member has to commit to:

• Pray for the Kolping Family and the Kolping Society of South Africa.

• Participate in the Family activities

• Pay Membership Fees

• Be part of the family

• Support each other



Become a Member

Any person who has reached the age of 14 and who is willing to adhere to the objectives of the Kolping Family may become a member. Feel free to contact the Kolping National office if you would like to sign up as a member.


Membership of the Kolping Family is open to all who adhere to the objectives of the Family and to Kolping Family By-Laws. 

If you would like to become a member you will need to:

ï Complete and sign a Membership Form – Forms are available at the Parish Office or from the Kolping Family members.

ï Hand the completed form to one of the Kolping members or leave it at the Parish Office – someone will contact you to inform you when the next meeting of the Kolping Family will be.

ï Pay the required Membership Fee by the 15 March.

Each member will be issued with a membership card in his/her name.  Membership fees must be paid on an annual basis. The Membership Year runs from 01 April to 31 March the following year.

  • 14 years old
  • Complete a membership form
  • hand form in
  • Pay the required Membership Fee

Download a membership form here.


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