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Overview on Kolping Families

Membership of the Kolping Society of South Africa is made up of individuals and Families that have a passion for working together. Kolping Families consist of at least 10 members who are activated as nation builders, both economically and socially. As a community-based organisation, Kolping Families address social grievances and ills in their communities. At the most basic and local level, each Kolping Family member acts as a catalyst for personal development that encompasses all the aspects of Christian living. When all the groups come together as a big, united family, we become a catalyst for social change on a much larger scale. Membership is not restricted to any age, race or lifestyle. The Kolping society welcomes both Catholics and Christians of other denominations who accept and support the ideals and objectives of the Society. Currently, Kolping Families exist in rural, urban, poor, rich, formal and informal communities, with both young and old members. Through Kolping Families, we strive to empower our members and people in surrounding communities to reach their full potential; spiritually, socially and vocationally.

Self-help Groups for Economical Sustainability and Social Service

Kolping Family members can continue on to start a registered cooperative or Self-help Group in order to alleviate poverty and journey towards economic sustainability in the community where it operates. Self-help Groups are registered as democratic institutions that are self-governed through a constitution. Various viable projects are embarked upon and collective saving is encouraged. Fostering self-reliance is a key component in the Kolping vision. In a practical sense this means the establishment of a viable enterprise or institution as well as a community-based social intervention. Services to the community often include addressing social grievances, networking with local development agencies and mobilising local resources.

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