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Kolping Society Membership Overview

By joining the Kolping Society, you are agreeing to become part of a family that is actively living out their faith. Membership requires active participation in development activities and taking responsibility for yourself and your community.

You will find an application form for both individual membership and a combined application for Kolping Families / Self-help Groups and Training.

By joining the Kolping Society of South Africa, you will:

  • Have access to a Christian community that values faith-based and true living.
  • Actualise your faith through serving the marginalised and oppressed who are suffering poverty and injustice.
  • Use your Christian beliefs to take practical actions to transform and improve your life, family and community.
  • Embrace diversity and build unity in your community.

A group of at least 10 people or more form a Family at parish level of the Catholic Church. These groups work together in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ, the social teachings of the Church and the philosophies of Father Adolph Kolping.

The objectives of a Kolping family include the following:

  • To create opportunities for members to discover their abilities and to actualise their Christian principles into reality.
  • To create opportunities for discussion and strategies to address social problems.
  • To build relationships, encourage decision making and foster a willingness to take on responsibility.
  • To help participants become aware of the importance of prayer, work ethic, societal cohesion and economics.
  • To represent the interests of the community in which the Family lives and that of society as a whole.
  • To upskill members and the communities around them.

Membership Fees

An affordable annual membership fee is payable.

Membership fees per year:

Single person……….R30-00
Family……………… R40-00
Pensioner…………… R20-00
Student…………….. R20-00



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