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Overview on Kolping International

Kolping International was founded by the Blessed Father Adolph Kolping and promotes the development and social activation of its members through education and focused activities.

Kolping International is a worldwide network with over 400 000 members in more than 60 countries. Within the association, the members actively participate in a socially just transformation of society.

The organisation is named after the Catholic priest Adolph Kolping, who founded the Journeymen Associations in the nineteenth century to combat the misery of young crafts journeymen in the era of industrialisation. Kolping was the co-founder of the Catholic Social Teaching, which is still the basis for the work done by Kolping International today.

Kolping International unites three independent legal entities: The international association (Kolping Society reg. Assoc.), the International Adolph Kolping Foundation, and the Social and Development Aid of the Kolping Society reg. Assoc. (SEK e.V.).

The international association unites people in groups and associations all over the world and contributes to developing civil societies and strengthening people.

The Foundation guarantees the future existence of the Kolping Society and promotes training and international meetings of the association.

The Social and Development Aid is the Kolping Society’s department that specialises in the field of development cooperation. It actively combats poverty by helping people to help themselves.

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