Skills Development Graduations in 2014


skillsdevelopment01Kolping Graduation Ceremonies have been a celebration of our  motto “hard work really pays off”!

To date this year 160 WOP learners have graduated in a variety occupational skills courses.

In April the Kolping Society WOP awarded 90 students with certificates and another 70 were awarded in June.

Our Work Opportunity Programme (WOP) focuses on the development and empowerment of unemployed youth. The programme starts with a 13-day Life Skills programme, whereafter the learners follow a chosen occupational skills course.

The Life Skills component includes topics such as self-esteem, relationships tools, communication, personal finance, career development and HIV/Aids.

skillsdevelopment02The elected occupational skills training includes hairdressing, home-based care, office administration and culinary skills.

Ongoing assistance are given to the graduates and with our support more than half of them have actively been to job interviews and many have since found employement.

The June graduation ceremony was held on National Youth day, 16 June at the Kolping Training Centre. This celebration was a relevant expression of our mission to develop the youth of South Africa.

In addition to the WOP training programme, we have also assisted 328 youths in a variety of ways, based on their individual needs.

“We were all reminded that education and skills development is the key to success and achievement.” WOP Coordinator

All our learners felt proud in their accomplishments, and many remarked that “they thought they would never achieve anything in life, with the Kolping certificates and experience they now know that anything is possible.”

This affirms the inspirational words of Fr. Adolph Kolping: “We can achieve a lot, only if we really want to; we can achieve great things, if competent forces unite.”