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Work Opportunity Programme (WOP)


WOP is focused on skills training for unemployed young people, enabling them to find work or generate an alternative income for themselves.

In response to the high unemployment rate in South Africa, our primary purpose is to prepare school leavers (aged 18–35 years) from marginalised and disadvantaged communities to enter the job market or to create sustainable income through the establishment of an enterprise.

The lack of work is a major contributor to the hopelessness and emotional paralyses that we see in South Africa and WOP was developed in response to a large number of school leavers that are unemployed.

The programme offers a comprehensive five-stage training curriculum, designed to integrate unemployed individuals into the workplace. Any unemployed individual that has completed grade 10 and is between the ages of 18 and 35 is welcome to apply.
WOP is designed to offer skills training and orientation to unemployed school leavers. We also motivate entrepreneurs to start small enterprises and offer them support and opportunities.

In a practical sense we offer choices to school leavers and help them to establish meaningful and feasible careers. We believe that financially active people positively impact everyone in their communities. Ultimately, WOP’s aim is to teach self-reliance and help people help themselves.

We are particularly focused on rural and outlying areas, as this is where the youth have very little opportunity to become economically active. WOP also assists members who require more advanced training by connecting them to suitable institutions.

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