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Programme Stages

WOP consists of five stages and takes place over a period of three to twelve months. Joining WOP is a full-time commitment and suitable for people who are ready to see real change in their lives.

Stage 1: Personal Development

This is an intensive life skills intervention, including career guidance, personal finance and wellness.

Stage 2: Assessment and Feedback

The aim of this one-day assessment workshop is to get feedback and measure the growth in the training period.

Stage 3: Occupational Skills Training

After the Personal Development phase, the participants select a suitable occupation and start a skills training course with a private or public college, or government institution.

Stage 4: Certification and Support

After completing all the criteria of the WOP programme, participants receive a certificate of qualification. They also start a counselling and guidance phase to monitor their progress.

Stage 5: Finding Employment

In this phase, we offer assistance with the employment seeking process. This includes assistance with job applications and being linked to any job vacancies and other opportunities in the Kolping network.

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