Zandspruit KF inauguration

The existing members of the Zandspruit KF together with an adition 21 new members were inaugurated and founded the Kolping Family Zandspruit in March. The ceremony was conducted by the regional chaplain, Fr. Emil Blaser OP and chairman, Eckehart Seidler during the Sunday mass at St. Bonifatius Church in Honeydew.

After a delay in starting, due to transport, the congregation swelled to one of the largest Kolping functions we have ever had. The presence of Kolping National Coordinator, Anna Oppel from Cape Town, and Volker Greulich from Kolping Germany added to the significance of the event.

The procession wass led by the flags of the already existing families and the unfurled flag of the new family. After the homily the 21 new members were inaugurated and given their personal lapel medals. They then greeted the inaugurators with the traditional handshake over the flag. The inauguration, blessing and unfurling of the new family flag of Zandspruit then took place.