Kolping Society of South Africa

To have strong individuals and communities through Help-for-Selfhelp

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to have strong families and communities.
Our Mission is to develop people in all areas of their lives; i.e. educationally, socially, spiritually and emotionally.


We believe in the unity of communities, faith-based organisations and individuals. 


To fight poverty, abuse, and to guide and equip people towards experience freedom from the cycle of pain.

Love and Hope

To Spread love, compassion and hope, like our funding member. To be a place where these values are embodied and restored.


To empower and equip the youth and the general community with skills (hard and soft) to positively impact and change their lives and the lives of their families and community.


To Partner with organisations and like-minded people to achieve common objectives.

“Humans need to join forces with other humans as soon as they want something that simply exceeds the capacities of the individual.”

– Father Adolph Kolping

Kolping Families

A Kolping Family is a branch of the Kolping Society of South Africa and consists of a group of 10 or more Members.

The Kolping Family is a democratically organised solidarity community, where people work together to improve the quality of life for each Member, but also for the community and society as a whole.