Work Opportunity Programmes


The aim of Kolping South Africa’s Work Opportunity Programme (WOP) is to develop and build ‘Youth at Risk’ into strong community leaders and to enable them to gain skilled employment. We specifically target ‘Youth at Risk’ which are socially disadvantaged youth and young adults where race and religion is of no significance.

Real Change

The Work Opportunity Programme has successfully skilled over 3000 young people since 1998. The programme is developed to increase employment possibilities and improve their socio-economic conditions.

Job Readiness

life skills training

aftercare and support

How It Works


12 Day Personal Development Programme

This includes modules on Life skills, HIV/Aids, World of Work, Business skills and Personal Finance.


Hard skills training

Various 3-6 months jobs skills training (dependant on training availability in province/ region)


Certificate Ceremony

Students have assessments and receive a certificate. They are also rewarded for Leadership, Character and Attitude.


Practical training or job-shadowing

Participants are encouraged to job-shadow, or to be placed on practical training to obtain workplace experience.


Aftercare support and employment

Contact is kept with all participants and assisted with drawing-up CV’s and job application leads.Follow-up tracking and monitoring is done continuously until employment is found.

Aim of the Services We Provided


To reduce unemployment among youth from disadvantaged communities


Youth empowerment through life, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training.

Measurable Indicators

  • Obtain a life skills certificate
  • Obtain a hard skills certificate
  • Find suitable employment
  • Engaged in entrepreneurial and income generating activities


“Kolping taught me how to network and market myself, and most importantly never to give up”

Micheray Johnson (Ladysmith, Western Cape)

“The life skills change the course of my life and give me direction and helped me to find my purpose”

Ramona (WOP, Oudtshoorn)

“I have something I can put on my cv now. And I’m so happy that I learned a new skill so that I can work for my family.”

Lugillen Pietersen (WOP Uitenhage)